Living the Lie: Kelly Insults His Constituents' intelligence by Pushing GOP Revisionist History

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     On the inability of Congress to pass bipartisan legislation:


     “Starting in 2017, we had wonderful policy working forward. I would have liked to have more help from the other side. Once the elections took place in 2018, it was just to stop all the progress right now because we’re more worried about Nov. 3, 2020, than we are about America today and America tomorrow.”


     Kelly is hoping we’ve been asleep for the past four years.


     When Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House starting in 2017, their governing impotence resulted in no real legislative achievements. Their biggest bill was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act -- a scam designed to benefit mostly the rich and corporations.


     The GOP was unable to advance any real agenda during those two years. Even with all their hyperbole about the dangers of illegal immigrants, they didn’t come close to passing any kind of immigration reform.


     Flash forward to the aftermath of the 2018 election. With Democrats now in control, the House has passed numerous bills – which Kelly has faithfully voted against. Hundreds of them now sit on the desk of Senate Majority Leader “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, who refuses to even bring them up for discussion.


     (You can read about some of Kelly’s votes in the section “Don’t Go By What Mike Kelly Says, Go By How He Votes” on this website’s home page.)


     On blaming China:


     Kelly used the term “Chinese flu” multiple times during his interview and said, “Look what China has done to the world economy without firing a shot. They have destroyed the economy in so many different ways. It’s going to take us a long time to recover.”


     While China isn’t blameless in this world pandemic, the fact is Trump knew in February, possibly earlier, of the danger the virus presented and choose to downplay it, lie to the America people, and offer an inept response once he was forced to acknowledge its seriousness.


     Our subsequent economic disaster was prompted by the spread of the virus as a result of the Trump administration’s historical failure in dealing with it. Kelly seems incapable of understanding that relationship.


     The United States has done much worse in dealing with the coronavirus than a lot of other countries. That’s another fact.


     Does Kelly think that’s China’s fault, too?