Kelly Cheers on Trump's Backdoor Attempt to Defund Social Security and Medicare

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     Kelly’s effusive praise continued on Twitter where he posted this:


     “Thank you @POTUS @realDonaldTrump for taking decisive executive action to help families pay their bills and get through this pandemic. Even as Democrats continue to play political games, this administration and Congressional Republicans will go to bat for working Americans.”


     (Notice how Kelly plays the credit game by tagging Trump. If you’re looking for brownie points you better make sure the issuer of those points sees what you’re doing.)


     Of course, what Kelly either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about (I vote for the latter) is that we’re not talking about working Americans. We’re talking about out-of-work Americans who lost their jobs because of the historic blundering of the Trump administration in dealing with the virus, something else Kelly seems to have no problem with.


     Kelly also seems oblivious that the people who need the help the most don’t benefit from cutting a tax that’s only paid by those who are working. But it does help businesses, maybe leaving a little more money in their coffers for political donations.


     And as CNBC reported, businesses that aren’t sure if they’ll eventually have to pay the back taxes, which are now only deferred, might still deduct them from their workers’ paychecks so they have the money on hand if needed. There’s no guarantee of forgiveness when it’s done by executive order.


     As far as Kelly’s political games are concerned, Democrats in the House passed a $3 trillion relief package months ago, only to see the Republicans in the Senate sit on their hands, come in with a $1 trillion plan, rebuff Democratic negotiators who were willing to try to meet them somewhere in the middle – about $2 trillion -- and now go on recess for the rest of the month.


     As has been said about Kelly’s party in the past: Republicans think middle ground is where they’re standing. Only this time their political games are hurting people who desperately need help and screwing with the lives of senior citizens throughout the country. Not to mention endangering the vote.


     Another order issued by Trump set enhanced unemployment benefits at $400 per week, with the states responsible for 25 percent of it. Kelly thinks this is just swell, even though it’s a 33-percent cut in what was being paid, and it puts a financial burden on already cash-strapped states.  


     Our congressman is also gushing about Trump’s bait-and-switch order on evictions. The president’s action doesn’t extend the federal eviction ban from previous legislation that has expired. It only makes suggestions to federal agencies and does not halt evictions nationally.


     A fourth measure on student loan relief looks to extend the relief granted by Congress in March through the end of the year.


     This is an election-year ploy by Trump. It won’t work. We know him too well to think he’s really exchanging his black hat for a white horse so he can ride to the rescue.


     This is also an election-year ploy by Kelly, who continues to calculate that blind allegiance to an incompetent, corrupt and unfit president is his ticket to another term and two more years of taxpayer-funded salary and benefits.


     It would be nice if Kelly’s first reaction to all this would have been: “I want to assure my constituents that this will not lead to cuts or the complete defunding of Social Security and Medicare.”


     But he didn’t say that. Instead he once again showed us who he really is and who he really cares about:






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