Kelly Favors Abusers Over Victims in Violence Against Women Act Vote

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     Kelly also tried to mislead his constituents when he said this: “Democrats have had multiple opportunities to reauthorize VAWA with bipartisan support but have instead chosen to play political games as domestic violence victims go without the programs designed to help them.”


     That’s a lie. Grants for the VAWA have continued to be funded in the Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations measure included in Congress’ latest funding bill.


     Kelly will do whatever makes the gun lobby happy, such as when he voted for a bill, later signed into law by President Donald Trump, that prevented the National Instant Criminal Background Check System from accessing Social Security Administration data about individuals receiving certain federal mental health benefits.

     The Obama-era regulation would have kept an estimated 75,000 people with mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm, according to an analysis by the website Kelly helped make sure that safeguard was thrown out the window.


     This all begs the question: Why would Kelly vote against legitimate protections for women and other common-sense gun regulations?


     He’s received $9,500 in PAC money for his campaign from the NRA since 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, but maybe more importantly he’s also kept in its good graces.


     The NRA threatened to give negative ratings to any lawmaker who voted for the VAWA. Kelly has received A or A-plus grades from that organization since he first ran for office.


     It looks like Kelly is making the grade as far as the gun lobby is concerned.




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